Feel the precision of two analog joysticks with digital buttons for smooth 360 degree control. You have full control over the familiar design and layout of 12 programmable buttons, including four triggers and digital buttons under the analog joysticks. The vibration feature enhances the realism in plug-and-play games, which means having fun without having to install drivers. Just plug it in and go.

Get ready for anything you like with the reliable 8-way D-Pad!

Play longer thanks to the comfortable shape and grip!

Start immediately with the plug-and-play comfort!

Compatible with XBOX 360, PS3, PC and Android.

Technical specifications:
• Controller for XBOX 360, compatible with PS3, PC and Android
• Feel the precision of two analog joysticks.
• Full control with 12 programmable buttons.
• 8-way D-pad.
• Comfortable shape.
• More realism thanks to vibration force.
• Plug-and-Play. Just connect your gamepad and play,
you don’t have to install any drivers.
• Cable length: 1,8 Meter