LED lighting
The LED diodes located at the bottom of the kettle aesthetically highlight water during the operation of the kettle. Thanks to this solution, the kettle becomes a very attractive element of the kitchen equipment, and you also know when it’s working.

Easy cleaning

The kettle provides easy access to a glass jug that can be easily rinsed and cleaned.

Easy opening
Just press one button to open the jug and top up the water.

Aesthetic holding cable
The stand has a special handle in which you can hide the cable – a solution that makes it much easier to store the kettle.

Certificates and safety
The product has all the necessary certifications (CE, GS, and RoHS). The kettle has a sensor that guarantees automatic shutdown after boiling water, as well as a protection system against accidental switching on or running without topped up water.

  • 360 ° rotating base
  • Hinged lid, opened with a button
  • High quality, modern design
  • On/off switch
  • Automatic shut-off after boiling water
  • Water level indicator
  • Capacity: 1.7L
  • Power: 2200W
  • Built-in heating plate
  • Calcium sediment trap filter
  • Ergonomic handle with switch
  • Blue water illumination during operation of the kettle
  • Material: plastic, glass, stainless steel
  • Length of the power cord: 90cm