5.5 liter air fryer. It cooks with hot air, it fries without smells, with a single tablespoon of oil up to 2.5 kg of French fries at one time. Adjustable temperature max 200°.

With Ariete’s Airy Fryer XXL air fryer you can fry any dish, even in large quantities, using just one tablespoon of oil to obtain healthy and tasty frying at the same time. Thanks to the 5.5-liter XXL basket with Ariete’s Airy Fryer XXL you can cook up to 2.5 kg of French fries in one go ! French fries, but not only, also croquettes, fish, meat and many other breaded foods, both frozen and ready to fry, and fresh and just breaded, thanks to the 7 preset cooking modes .
How does the air fryer work?
The air fryer cooks thanks to the high temperature air , up to 200 ° , which circulates at maximum speed and 360 ° inside the cooking chamber and guarantees a uniform distribution of heat inside. It is precisely the hot air that allows the dishes to cook evenly and the formation of a crispy crust on the outside, which has nothing to envy to traditional frying. Thanks to the hot air, there will be no need to add a lot of oil to get a tasty fried, because a simple spoon will be enough, in this way you will bring to the table lighter but tasty foods for the whole family.
Airy Fryer XXL cooks quickly, healthily and in large quantities, but its benefits don’t stop there! The air fryer avoids smoke and bad smells in the house: when you prepare fried fish or meat, you will not have to worry about the smell of fried, because the air cooking of Airy Fryer XXL does not release the smell of smoke typical of oil fryers.
Finally, the air fryer is easy to clean thanks to the removable non-stick basket and has a low environmental impact, because it does not produce waste oil , which is one of the most difficult to dispose of waste in circulation.